b. 1984
Lives and works in Seattle, WA


BFA, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA


Solo Show TBA, Zinc Contemporary, Seattle WA (forthcoming) 

Outsiders, Art Primo, Seattle WA
Party Hat: The Art Show, Party Hat, Seattle WA
Joe Bar's 20th Anniversary, Joe Bar Cafe, Seattle WA
Saudade, Zinc Contemporary, Seattle WA
Out of Sight, 115 South Jackson St, Seattle WA
Living Together, Calypte Gallery, Seattle WA
Drawing Practice, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA
10 Year Anniversary Celebration, Smith Vallee Gallery, Edison WA
Paintings, or it didn’t happen!, The Factory, Seattle WA  

Almost Home, Joe Bar Cafe, Seattle WA (solo show)
American Painting Today, V2, Seattle WA

Rearranging Furniture, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle WA
Icky Body, Less Space, Oakland CA
=^._.^= (Cat Show), Velouria, Seattle WA
Threads, Smith Vallee Gallery, Edison WA

Significant Objects, Toast, Seattle WA
Home: Through our Eyes, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham WA
Vignettes Love Party, LoveCityLove, Seattle WA

Space Blanket Space Cadette, Corridor Gallery, Seattle, WA
Teenage Dreamsicle, Refrigerator Artspace, Richmond, VA
The Snake and the Beast Work Together, Noodleworks Studios, Seattle WA
INK, Spark: Museum of Electrical Invention, Bellingham, WA

Selection of handmade artist books & poetry, Cullom Gallery, Seattle, WA
Everything Small, Viking Union Gallery, Bellingham, WA
Miniature Memories, DIGS, Bellingham, WA
Paper Kingdom, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, WA
Winter Commission III, American Museum of Radio & Electricity, Bellingham, WA

LIMBO!, One of One Gallery, Bellingham, WA
Standing Room Only, The Majestic, Bellingham, WA
Birds, Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison, WA
Winter Commission II, AMRE, Bellingham, WA

Bare Images, LARC, Mount Vernon, WA

NOPE, Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham, WA

Composite, Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, WA

2014 - 2016
Founder & Curator, Two Shelves, Seattle, WA

=^._.^= (Cat Show), Velouria, Seattle WA

Winter Art Walk Award, City Arts Magazine, Seattle WA
Summer Art Walk Award, City Arts Magazine, Seattle WA

Western Washington University, Bellingham WA (forthcoming)

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What We Loathe about Intermissions, The Washington Post. July 7, 2017
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Witnessing the Sweet Moments: An Interview with Seattle-based Painter Kelly Bjork, Juxtapoz Magazine. May 25, 2017
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ILLUSTRAZIONE: Le scene di vita di Kelly Bjork, Osso Magazine. May 2017
Kelly Bjork’s illustrations put a witty twist on personal moments and intimacy, We and The Color. May 2017
Seattle-based illustrator Kelly Bjork depicts languid ladies and neat interiors, It’s Nice That. May 2017
Feature, People of Print. May 2017
Interview, Ballpit Mag. May 2017
Cover Art, The Stranger. May 2017
Head Rest, City Arts Magazine. February 2017
Inside Witnesses (weekly column), McSweeny’s. October 2015 - October 2016
Portrait Looking Left, Sixth Finch. Fall 2016
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Fresh Magazine. Issue 08. June 2015: Pages 16-18
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